About Us

About Us

Wisskirchen is a highly professional air cargo logistics company with its headquarters nearby Europe‘s largest air cargo airports – Frankfurt am Main – one of the most important hubs in global air traffic.
Since the founding of Wisskirchen Logistics 2002 by the two chief executives Süleyman Demirci and Oliver Hellwig, the company has impressed its clients through its high performance density and its great know-how in air cargo handling. As a neutral service provider for airports, airlines and cargo logistics company, Wisskirchen annually handles more than 400,000 tons of air cargo at locations in Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Cologne and employees more than 400 employees there successfully.

Strong Partnerships

In order to keep up with the complex requirements in the field and the increasing demand for integrated logistics services, we are active in the framework of work contracts and successful partnerships in Cargo City North and South at the Frankfurt airport for well-known companies. We accept parts of and the complete process of physical air cargo handling in import and export, from planning to contract drafting to the concrete implementation and the investments in the necessary equipment.

Always One Step Ahead

Thanks to our qualified and constantly trained personnel, we assure rapid, precise and individual solutions in the build-up and expansion of air cargo loading units as well as in the documentation in cargo handling. With our own customer-specific, customised Cargo-IT-systems (incl .barcoding and scanning) and with IT supported controlling-tools, we also achieve an optimum of productivity and economic efficiency – in the handling of cargo and in deployment of personnel.

Growth Requires Manpower

The rapid growth in air cargo traffic generates at the same time a high need for professional personnel because qualitative air cargo handling requires experience, competence and reliability. With the founding of Wisskirchen Management Consulting 2005 in Frankfurt and Airlog Solutions 2008 in Munich, we have therefore specialised on the development and supervision of personnel solutions. As a personnel service provider, we possess an open-ended temporary employee placement services and will provide you with qualified, highly motivated temporary personnel (management, specialists and assistants) in both the mercantile and commercial field.

Air cargo School

In order to cope with the enormous demand for specialised personnel and to always remain one step ahead in competition, we offer targeted personnel training for all areas of professional air cargo training in close cooperation with our training partner, ATS Aviation-Training-Solutions. Our modular training programmes are oriented on the high quality standards of well-known Airlines and are Quacert certified. Thanks to our well-founded know-how and the efficient training systems, we are able to provide our customers with low-cost training solutions from a single source that are customised to their needs. Motivated newcomers to the profession and people making lateral career moves can secure a career with a future in the field of logistics through training with ATS Aviation-Training-Solutions.

Safety First

Air safety requires a great degree of professionalism and flexibility. With our subsidiary A.S.A. Airlines Services Agency GmbH, we have specialised in security checks in air traffic. With around 200 employees at the airports in Frankfurt (Main) Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Nuremberg, we are specifically responsible for carrying out aircraft monitoring and cargo checks. As a security company, we are employed by more than 40 international airlines and cargo handlers (RB) as well as regulated agents.