Company Philosophy

What We Believe In

Wisskirchen – The name stands for high professionalism and outstanding services.
The years of success for our company are based on shared values that determine our daily conduct.
Visions of the future drive us to find new paths and innovative concepts and provide for sustainable development and constant growth in our company. Promoting and rewarding performance is an important part of our philosophy.

Employees Philosophy

Thanks to an employee-oriented management style and the practice of rewarding services rendered, we generate motivation and conscientiousness and an enhanced sense of identification, which motivates people to devote themselves to the company’s success, to master new challenges creatively and to implement the goals we aim at pragmatically. The communication between executive management and employees is characterised by courtesy and trust. Gratitude and recognition are the basis for successful collaboration. We create space in which the specific needs can unfold and promote continuing education courses and qualification of management personnel.

Company Philosophy

Customer philosophy

We work very passionately on behalf of our customers and partners. We would not be here where we are today, if we did not constantly offer our customers just a bit more. Our service is always customer-centred. This is the only way to guarantee the highest possible level of quality. Achieving perfection in every part of our Supply Chain is one of our most important principles. For that reason, our services are also always future-oriented. With the very newest technology and comprehensive quality management, we pursue orders and commissions with passion, dynamism and tenacity – with the very highest goal: We make our customers successful!