Wisskirchen Handling Services GmbH

Wisskirchen Handling Services GmbH

In the framework of a comprehensive work contract we with Wisskirchen Handling Services have been commissioned since 2005 with the complete physical air cargo handling in import and export for our customer Worldwide Flight Services GmbH at the Frankfurt am Main airport in Cargo City South.
Because air cargo logistics is our passion and we don’t just want to have satisfied customers, but enthusiastic ones, we were the first company to develop a customer-specific, customised Cargo-IT-System with which all of the processes in the logistics chain –starting with acceptance of a consignment, to ULD-composition all the way to air-side supply – can be accelerated and made more effective.
Our intelligent staff planning is supported by a computerized Daily-Report-System for a demand-oriented, optimal use of the workforce. Thus we always have the exact number of „right“ staff in use, so we are improving our productivity and ensure that there can be no qualitative or quantitative staff shortages.
Our operating quality management provides the continued adaptation and optimization of the entire operations of our air cargo handling, thus ensuring that the quality will improve steadily.


Wisskirchen Handling Services GmbH
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