Outsourcing/Work Contract

In comprehensive work or service contracts, we offer you the option of outsourcing parts of or the entire physical and documentary portions of air cargo handling to us. For years we have been successful in prompt completion of assignments in handling air cargo units for well-known airlines and air cargo companies.

Experienced Personnel

Professional handling in the field of air cargo palleting (build-up) and air cargo de-palleting (break-down) by experienced and trained personnel who can be flexibly assigned for the respective requirements of the customer establishes the basis for successful collaboration. With our extensive pool of personal we cover the entire range of professions and qualifications in handling air cargo.

Own Machine Pool

In the framework of a partnership arrangement, we will be glad to provide our own equipment. Quality is very important to us. For that reason we use machines from reputable manufacturers such as Linde and Still.

Outsourcing/Work Contract


Technology that Impresses

WISS Wisskirchen Import Scanning System

We offer our customers intelligent service solutions for air cargo handling through the support of the cargo IT program we developed ourselves. WISS improves and accelerates the quality of handling in cargo processing through immediate availability and electronic data sharing.

Advantages of WISS

  • Written processes are eliminated
  • The progress of every shipment can be tracked (track- & trace)
  • Incorrect warehouse transfers are considerably reduced
  • Transport processing of ULDs from the Neutral Freight transition point to the transfer hub to pick-up is accelerated
  • Errors can be precisely traced and corrective-measures initiated
  • Easy handling thanks to clear, secure screen masks

Increase Productivity with the DAILY-REPORT-SYSTEM® von Wisskirchen

Our comprehensive quality management system is supported by an IT-supported controlling tool, which enables us to measure productivity in close to real time. This makes it possible to adjust the needed work output to the work demand effectively and rapidly. Productivity per man is largely increased and constantly assured during fluctuations in demand.

The DAILY-REPORT-SYSTEM® developed by Wisskirchen can be used specifically for:

  • Personnel management /personnel database
  • Generating shift schedules and calculating shift schedule costs
  • Preparation for salary billing
  • Calculating productivity figures
  • Recording incoming billing statements
  • Recording and managing supplier contracts/contingent liabilities
  • Day-by-day reporting system based on EBIT for commercial controlling