Personnel Placement/Placement of Temporary Personnel

Personnel Placement/Placement of Temporary Personnel

Placement of Temporary Personnel

As a licensed personnel services provider, we have open-ended temporary personnel placement and provide qualified, professional personnel (managerial, skilled and unskilled labour) on a temporary basis.

Identifying Goals

For more than 10 years nothing has taken the place of the personal conversation. For this reason we are quite pleased to consult with you on-site. At the end of our consultation we will provide you with a customised recommended solution in order to correspond to your desires and demands in the highest possible degree. Thanks to our solution-oriented approach, we can react promptly and with flexibility and are your reliable partner when you have need of additional personnel – both in the business and commercial area.

Personnel Placement

Use our know-how and our experience. We do the personnel hiring and selection for you and select suitable applicants for the positions you need filled. This keeps you from expending valuable working hours on time-consuming personnel selection and maintains your flexibility for rapid decision-making.

Qualified Personnel

The professional competencies of the employee is the decisive factor in selecting personnel. For this reason we only place qualified and trained personnel who have proven themselves in past assignments. In close collaboration with our training partner ATS Aviation-Training-Solutions, our employees receive special training courses in the fields of dangerous goods and air security, along with practical personnel training in all fields of professional air cargo handling.
That’s how we provide for the long-term success of our customers.

Personnel pool

Drawing from our extensive pool of personnel, we will be glad to provide you qualified professional personnel, from A to Z:

Business Administration

Business Administration

Commercial Area

Commercial Area

    • Personnel dispatcher
    • Sales dispatcher
    • Air cargo documents manager
    • Air cargo clerk
    • Data entry typist
    • Clerk
    • Office manager
    • Bookkeeper
    • Controller
    • Assistant
    • Secretary/Receptionist


  • Air cargo handler
  • Air cargo pallet stacker
  • Driver –various classes
  • Forklift driver
  • Warehouse management specialist
  • Warehouse assistant
  • Commercial cargo packer
  • Dispatcher and scanner
  • Ramp-agent
  • Workplace safety specialist
  • Safety officer

Skilled trades

  • Locksmith
  • Painter
  • Varnisher
  • Metal worker
  • Roofer
  • HVAC technician


  • Energy and building systems technician
  • Vehicle body construction technician
  • Vehicle-mechanic/mecha-tronic technician
  • Mechanic


You have personnal requirements? Please contact our sales department.